• Briefing and Arguing Appeals: Thorough record review, careful research, creative analysis, and persuasive writing are the staples of our craft.  The art of appellate advocacy lies in framing your argument to convince an appellate court that your client’s position is the only one that makes sense, not just in the case at hand, but for future cases.  Appellate courts need clear and concise briefing and argument that gives them the ammunition they need to rule in your favor.  This is our bread and butter.
  • Appellate Writs and Motions: Motions practice before the appellate courts, although less common than merits briefing, can play a critical role in your case.  We have considerable experience in this often-overlooked area of appellate practice, and particularly with: stay motions, motions for summary affirmance (including obtaining reversal of a partial grant of summary affirmance), motions to intervene, motions for enforcement of agency orders, motions for interlocutory review, motions to certify questions, and writs of mandamus.
  • Amicus Briefing: Amicus Curiae, or friend of the court briefs, play a role at the circuit-court level similar to their function in the United States Supreme Court: they offer you the opportunity to present your unique perspective to the reviewing court, and assist the court in reaching a decision that takes your interests into account.  Not all appellate courts, however, are equally friendly to accepting such submissions.  We can assist with navigating specific court procedures, and help to present your views in the cases where your voice will matter most.  
  • Highest State Court Review: Many of the skills that apply to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States are transferable to practice before the highest state courts.  We have experience in this area, and can assist you at all stages of the processfrom petitioning for review through final judgment. 

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