We founded Deutsch Hunt PLLC to be able to practice appellate law as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our path as appellate lawyers began with our clerkshipson circuit courts of appeals and then on the Supreme Court of the United States.  We met while colleagues in the Supreme Court and Appellate Practice Group of a large law firm.  Together, we bring decades of appellate practice and high-level client counseling to the table, a history of productive collaboration, and a shared joy in the craft of appellate advocacy.   

We also bring extra-legal skills. Ruthanne M. Deutsch’s first career as an international development economist and Hyland Hunt’s military experience provided the training and tools to create a different type of law firm.   We concentrate our practice on appellate law and other legal work that demands skilled research, clear thinking, and tightly-written analyses of complex legal issues.  We do not need an army of associates and although we have fancy (and well-earned) credentials, we do not have fancy offices.  Our low overhead and innovative fee structures prioritize quality of work over quantity of hours billed, and aim to reward efficiency and results.

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