• Petitions for Certiorari or Briefs in Opposition to Certiorari: The Supreme Court certiorari process is unique.  The Justices review thousands of petitions a year and typically accept fewer than a hundred cases for review. Our background as former Supreme Court law clerks, together with years of Supreme Court practice, can help you navigate this process.  We will give you our best assessment of the likelihood of certiorari, and if you decide to petition for review, we will work with you to frame your petition.  And if you have an appellate win that you are trying to protect from being overturned, we can craft briefs in opposition to certiorari that aim to convince the Court not to take your case. 
  • Merits Briefing and Argument: If the Supreme Court elects to take your case, we can help, whether as lead counsel or co-counsel, to brief and argue your case on the merits.  Our goal would be to best situate your case in the Court’s current doctrinal conversations, and to frame your arguments so that a ruling in your favor is the most sensible outcome, given all that has come before, and all that is likely to follow.
  • Amicus Briefing: Amicus Curiae, or friend of the court briefs, have a role to play at both the certiorari and merits stages.  Amicus briefing before the Court can provide your unique perspective to advise the Justices of potentially unforeseen effects of a particular ruling.  Or it can furnish important legal or factual information outside the scope of the parties’ briefing.   Whatever your goals, we can work with you so that your additional voice will add value and get noticed.             

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